Technical Advisory Services for Phase II of the Ouarzazate Solar Complex, Morocco

The Ouarzazate solar complex, with a total installed capacity of 500 MWt, will be developed in two phases. The first phase (Noor I) with a capacity of 160 MW is under construction; the second phase (Noor II and Noor III) will then bring the total capacity to about 340 MW.

The tendering process for Noor II and III was launched in 2013, covering one CSP plant with parabolic trough technology with the potential for 3h of storage (Noor II), and one CSP tower plant with the potential for 3h of storage (Noor III).

MASEN appointed Lahmeyer International as the technical advisor for each project, to manage and supervise the entire technical process including: the preparation of the tender documents (Requests for Proposal)); the technical evaluation of the tenders received; and assistance with the negotiation, preparation and award of the project agreements.


ClientMoroccan Agency for Solar Energy - SA (Masen)
Services Period2013 – 2014
Technical Data
  • 100 - 150 MW CSP plant with tower technology and 3 hour storage capacity
  • 150 - 200 MW CSP plant with parabolic trough and 3 hour storage capacity
  • Region    Ouarzazate, Morocco
  • Total capacity approx. 340 MW

Tender Documents and Tendering:
  • Task 1: Understanding MASEN's objectives
  • Task 2: Preparation of technical tender evaluation procedure
  • Task 3: Preparation technical Tender Documents
  • Task 4: Technical inputs to the project agreements
  • Task 5: Technical clarifications
  • Task 6: Technical tender evaluation

Contract Negotiations and Award:
  • Task 1: Selection of preferred Tenderer(s)
  • Task 2: Negotiations with preferred Tenderer(s)
  • Task 3: Preparation of final project agreements
  • Additional tasks
  • Mitigation of risk for the design and purchasing of equipment
  • Training on CSP related issues


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