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Pre-Feasibility Study for Hatay Combined Cycle Power Plant, Turkey

Akenerji Elektrik A. Ş. planned to install a natural gas fired combined cycle power plant with the capacity in the order of 900 MW at the North-East shore of the Bay of Iskenderun close to the village of Aşağiburnaz in Turkey.mehr

Qurayyah ll CCPP Project Management Consult, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) implemented the Qurayyah II Combined Cycle Power Plant approximately 100 km south of Dammam. In a first phase, the project comprised 15 GE frame 7FA gas turbines, which were operated in open cycle configuration. In phase two, the project was converted to a combined cycle power plant consisting of five blocks with three gas turbines, three heat recovery boilers and one steam turbine each. In a later stage, an extension by addition of one further 3+3+1 CCPP block was carried out, resulting in the final configuration of six similar blocks. SEC entrusted Lahmeyer International in association with SaudConsult as local partner with the project management, design review and design approval, procurement review services, site supervision, factory and workshop insp…mehr

PEGO Steam Power Plant, Portugal

Electicidade de Portugal, the state owned Portuguese utility, issued an invitation to purchase a 2 x 300 MW coal-fired power station at Pego by means of an international bid competition.mehr

Ekibastuz Power Plant Unit 3, Kazakhstan

The growing demand of electric power in Kazakhstan requires an adjustment of the generation capacity. Therefore the client JSC ‘Ekibastuz GRES-2’ intends the expansion and reconstruction of the Ekibastuz Power Plant SDPP-2 by the installation of the new power unit No. 3 with a capacity of more than 600 MWel. The power plant site is 38 km north-east of the city Ekibastuz, which is located in the Pavlodar region in the northeast of Kazakhstan. The power station is the start of the power line Ekibastuz-Kokshetau and uses a transmission voltage of 1,150 kV, the highest transmission voltage in the world. Currently the power plant already operates two units, each of them with a capacity of 500 MWel, which were commissioned in the years 1990 and 1993. The fuel is pit coal, which is delivered …mehr

Alfula Crude Oil and Natural Gas-fired Power Plant, Sudan

The National Electricity Corporation (NEC) Sudan intends to install the Alfula crude oil-fired power plant, transmission lines and substations. The EPC power project will mainly consist of 3 x 135 MWel steam turbine units with oil and gas fired boilers, approximately 380 km of 220 kV transmission line and four (4) 220/33 kV substations. The implementation period is scheduled to be 45 months for the power plant and 33 months for the transmission lines and substations. The Alfula power plant will be supplied with crude oil and natural gas from the various sources in Sudan via new pipeline connections.mehr

GKM, Block 9, Steam Power Plant, Germany

Grosskraftwerk Mannheim, Germany is extending its over 90-year old coal-fired power station by one state-of-the-art pulverised coal-fired, supercritical steam power plant, “Unit 9”. The SPP will be located next to the existing units 7 and 8 at the river Rhine. It will have a net power output of 911 MWel and a thermal output of 500 MWth , which will be utilised for district heating.mehr

Consultancy Services: Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Three Coal-fired Power Plant Projects, Indonesia

On three different sites at Java Island Lahmeyer International is carrying out QA / QC consultant’s engineering services together with 36 local and 12 expat engineers, starting in 2007 until now. Lahmeyer International carried out supervision, coordination, inspection and has been responsible during manufacturing / fabrication works of plant’s equipment and materials to be supplied by Chinese EPC contractors. Lahmeyer International actively assists the employer and will be responsible to execute inspection and expediting works during manufacturing and construction.mehr

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