Elektro- und Leittechnik

220 kV GIS Substation Project Ghazi Road Appointment Of International Advisor

The project is located in the Eastern part of the Lahore city on Ghazi road in Defense Housing Authority.mehr

Ausbau des Energieübertragungsnetzes Phase X, Katar

Der staatliche Elektrizitäts- und Wasserversorger des Emirats Katar, KAHRAMAA, plant ein groß angelegtes Programm zur Sicherung der Stromversorgung im Land.mehr

Hydroelectric Power Plant Tierfehd, Switzerland

The main electrical equipment of the HEPP Tierfehd should be upgraded and replaced after more than 40 years in service. The main task of the services provided was to find the optimum concept for the complex electrical equipment of the station considering technical, operational and economical aspects.mehr

Power Supply System for the Atacama Large Millimetre Array (ALMA), Chile

The Atacama Large Millimetre Array (ALMA) is an international astronomy facility, consisting of an equal partnership between Europe and North America, in co-operation with the Republic of Chile. On behalf of Europe, the ALMA construction and operations are led by the European Southern Observatory (ESO).mehr

Erection of a new 110/20 kV Substation, Germany

The new 110/20 kV substation will be erected as an in house switchgear building. The substation is located in the North of the city of place Dresden. It is on the one hand used to supply one customer directly with electrical power on the MV voltage level and also to feed into the MV local city grid.mehr

Electricity Market Support Project - Rehabilitation and Upgrade of System Dispatch, Communication and Metering, Georgia

The Government of Georgia (GoG) is implementing the ambitious Electricity Market Support Project (EMSP) which will help finance the strengthening of the transmission system, system control and communications, system scheduling and dispatch, wholesale metering, and wholesale market administration and regulation needed to implement electricity market development. The Government has received a credit from the World Bank and other international agencies to help finance the project.mehr

Khartoum North Power Station Rehabilitation of I&C and electrical equipment, Sudan

The National Electricity Corporation (NEC) of Sudan has decided to rehabilitate and modernise the I&C, electrical and related mechanical systems of Khartoum North Power Station. The rehabilitation measures shall secure a successful operation of the units for the next 20 years and shall increase the efficiency.mehr

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