Upper Atbara Irrigation Project, Sudan

The Upper Atbara Irrigation Project, located on the right bank of the Atbara River in Eastern Sudan downstream of the existing Khashm el Girba (KEG) Dam, covers some 300,000 hectare net irrigation area. Additional water will also be made available to the existing New Halfa irrigation areas, parts of which had to be abandoned due to water shortages following sedimentation of the KEG Dam reservoir. 

Detailed social and environmental field surveys were carried out in the preparatory stages for the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment. Mitigation measures have been proposed in respect of negative impacts.

Project development studies were carried out considering technical, agricultural, economic and environmental/social criteria of various different gravity supply and pump alternatives. The scheme concept envisages attracting large scale agricultural investors and provision of greatly improved farming conditions to small holders.

Further tasks included geo-technical and semi-detailed soil surveys of the project area. Detailed regional planning includes agricultural production under irrigation, as well as livestock and agro-industrial production and the need for institutional support such as marketing, mechanisation services, input supply, and extension services. 

ClientDams Implementation Unit (DIU), Khartoum
Executionsince 2010
Technical Data
  • Potential irrigation area
300.000 ha
  • Location
downstream Dams Complex Upper Atbara and Khashm el Girba Dam,
  • Right Bank Conveyor Canal
    • length
    • discharge capacity
    • siphon


110 km
300 m³/s
2 nos.

  • Main, major, minor canals
several thousand km
  • Analysis of various gravity supply and pump irrigation options at feasibility level 
  • Environmental and social studies
  • Semi-detailed soil survey, geo-technical surveys
  • Conveyor Canal design according to results obtained through geo-technical investigations
  • Planning of irrigated agricultural development including livestock and forestry based on large scale commercial enterprises and local small holders, including institutional support 
  • Preliminary planning of required irrigation infrastructure and associated facilities
  • Financial and economic project evaluation

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