Master Plan Study for the Genale-Dawa River Basin, Ethiopia

The Genale-Dawa River Basin Integrated Resources Development Master Plan Study will complete a series of ten master plan studies for Ethiopia's major river basins. The specific objectives of the study are to derive a master plan that will contribute to the sustainable development and poverty reduction in the Genale-Dawa River Basin and make optimum use of all natural, physical, human and animal resources with the minimum possible adverse environmental impact.

ClientMinistry of Water Resources
Services Period2003 – 2008
Technical Data
  • Third largest river basin in Ethiopia
  • Total area of the basin:
168,100 km²
  • Total population of the basin:
Approx. 5.1 million
  • Number of international experts provided:
  • Number of national experts provided:
  • RCC gravity dam - crest length/height:
436 m / 115 m
  • Set-up of a basin-wide GIS database of natural and human resources
  • Preparation of a multi-sectoral River Basin Master Plan
  • Project development at feasibility level for agricultural, livestock and water resources development projects

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