Food Security for the Arab Countries through the Sudan Project

The last two decades witnessed a large increase in the imports of food supplies by the Arab countries. Sudan has always been considered the food basket of the Arab countries if its huge resources could be successfully mobilised and properly utilised. The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) has allocated resources to help finance the study of ways to achieve food security for the Arab countries by identifying effective potential investments in the food supply chain in the Sudan. These will aim towards achieving self-sufficiency in major food commodities, especially grain, though increased productivity and production within the agricultural sector.

The study is carried out in close liaison with the Sudan Coordination Unit (SCU) appointed by the Government of Sudan.

The scope of the project includes four main tasks:
1. Problem identification, collection of data and studies, and preparation of an Inception Report
2. Identification and ranking of proposed food security projects in Sudan, including required infrastructure projects
3. Development of food security model
4. Integrated sectoral plan for food security projects in Sudan

Client/Funding AgencyArab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Kuwait
Execution2013 – 2014
Task 1:
  • Establishment of liaison with SCU
  • Collection of information and acquisition of data
  • Estimation of demand for agricultural commodities in the Arab countries
  • Inception Report
Task 2:
  • Review studies for development projects in Sudan
  • Define Sudan’s land and water resources to enhance food security
  • Assess institutional capacity and operational capability
  • Identify rain-fed and irrigated agricultural and agro-industrial projects
  • Identify associated infrastructure projects
  • Rank food security projects
Task 3:
  • Design and build regional models
  • Integrate regional models into national model
  • Apply model to planning process for Sudan and each region
Task 4:
  • Identify and select regions and projects for implementation
  • Prepare development plan for each region

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