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High-Head Hydropower Station Harpo, Pakistan

Harpo HPP is a scheduled high-head hydropower scheme for the production of base load as well as peak load power in the Skardu region in the North-East of Pakistan. The scheme uses the head between the Harpo River (left tributary to the Indus) and the Indus River itself.more

High-Head Hydropower Station Keyal Khwar, Pakistan

The Keyal Khwar project is a high-head hydropower scheme that will supply Pakistan's national grid with base load during the high flow summer season and peak load during the low flow winter season. The project exploits the head difference between the Keyal Khwar and the Indus River in the North West Frontier Province. The hydropower scheme will be credited with avoiding the emission of just over 200,000 tonnes of CO2 per year that would otherwise be released into the environment by a thermal power plant.more

Leibis Dam, Germany

The Leibis Dam is located on the River Lichte in Thuringia, and has been constructed in order to provide drinking water supplies. Several dam types were studied during the planning stage, and a conventional concrete gravity dam design was finally selected.more

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