Merowe Dam and Hydropower Plant, Sudan

The Merowe Dam Project is a multi-purpose infrastructure project located on the River Nile and provides energy, water for irrigation and flood protection. With an average discharge of approximately 2,300 m³/s, almost 6,000 GWh of energy are produced annually. In addition, some 400,000 ha of agricultural land can be irrigated through the stored water.

ClientDams Implementation Unit (DIU), Republic of Sudan
Services Period2000 – 2013
Technical Data
  • Total length of dams
9,280 m

Largest concrete face rockfill dams
  • Max. height:
52 m
  • Crest lengths:
1,437 m and 4,364 m
  • Volume:
6.1 x 106 m³

Major earth core rockfill dam with cut-off wall
  • Max. height:
67 m
  • Crest length:
841 m
  • Cut-off wall length/depth:
390 m/53 m
  • Spillway capacity:
19,900 m³
  • Turbine type:
  • Number of units:
  • Installed capacity:
1,250 MW
  • Rated net head:
43 m
  • Powerhouse, L/W/H:
335 m / 43 m / 56 m
  • Penstock diameter:
8.50 m
  • Feasibility study
  • Environmental consultancy services
  • Review of tender design and tender documents
  • Review and supervision of additional geotechnical investigations
  • Updating of tender design and tender documents
  • Tendering, evaluation, negotiations and contracting
  • Construction design and review/approval of E&M design
  • Construction management, contract administration, construction and erection supervision (full QA)
  • Assistance during commissioning and defects liability period

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