Dam Complex of Upper Atbara, Sudan

The Dam Complex of Upper Atbara Project (DCUAP) is situated on the Atbara River and the Setit River, approximately 20 km upstream of their confluence, 80 km south of Kashm el Girba, located in the Gedaref Governorate in East of Sudan.

Dams and Dykes: The DCUAP encompasses the Rumela System, (Upper Atbara River), and the Burdana System (Setit River). Each of these consists of an earth fill embankment dam at the river section and a system of dykes at either side of their river banks. The combined embankments of both systems with a dam crest level at El. 524.80 m and a total length of about 13 km will impound both rivers, and will create the Upper Atbara Reservoir with a total storage volume of 3,688 million m³ at Maximum Operating Level (MOL=El. 521.00 m) and an active storage volume of 2,548 million m³. Through this impoundment a maximum gross head of 41.4 m is created.

Spillway Structure: For flood control and protection of the embankment dams from overtopping, large reinforced concrete spillway structures, one at the Rumela dam and one at the Burdana dam, will supplement the construction works. Both spillways are equipped with gated bottom outlet and gated surface sluices for a maximum discharge of 6,150 m³/s (Rumela) and 9,810 m³/s (Burdana) at the Maximum Operating Level (MOL) of 521.00 m.

Rumela Power Station: During the releases of water from the Upper Atbara Reservoir to the New Halfa irrigation scheme via the Kashm El Girba Reservoir the existing head will be utilised for power generation. The power station is located on the right bank of Upper Atbara River and comprises a power intake, four surface penstocks and a power station which will house four generating sets driven by vertical axis Kaplan turbines, each of 80 MW capacity.

Irrigation Outlet & Water Supply Structure: An irrigation outlet structures is constructed for a future irrigation canal to be connected to the Upper Atbara Reservoir at the Rumela site (100 m³/s). Because this irrigation project will be realised at a later stage, only the civil works and the necessary hydro-mechanical equipment will be provided. The structure is combined with facilities for drinking water supply (150,000 m³/day) for the city of Gadaref.

Connection Canal: For an optimised management and utilisation of the water resources of both, the Upper Atbara and the Setit catchment areas at the DCUAP, a connection canal between both river schemes will be constructed. 

ClientDams Implementation Unit (DIU), Khartoum
Executionsince 2010
Technical Data
Rumela Dam
  • Dam and dyke
V = 4.7 Mio m³, Hmax = 51.00 m
  • Spillway capacity
6,150 m³/s
Burdana Dam
  • Dam and dyke
V = 6.8 Mio m³, Hmax = 45.00 m
  • Spillway capacity
9,810 m³/s
Rumela Power Station
  • Head
41.4 m
  • Installed capacity
320 MW, 4 Kaplan turbines
  • Surface penstock
Ø = 8.80 m, L= 4 x 80 m
  • Connection Canal
trapezoidal profile, L = 620 m
  • Tender documents
  • Tender evaluation
  • Assistance to DIU for contract negotiations
  • Supervision of construction
  • Contract administration
  • Construction design

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