Pump Storage Plants

Vianden Pumped Storage Plant – Unit 11, Luxembourg

The Vianden Pumped Storage Plant is situated at Luxembourg's eastern border to Germany, on the River Our, and was commissioned in 1964. The plant is operated by the Société Electrique de l'Our (SEO).more

Pumped Storage Plant Tongbai, China

The Tongbai Pumped Storage Project is located near the city of Tiantai, in Zhejian province. The existing reservoir of the Tongbai Hydropower Station (8 MW) serves as the upper reservoir, and a new lower reservoir was constructed.more

Electromechanical Equipment for Pumped Storage Plant Goldisthal, Germany

The Goldisthal Pumped Storage Plant, with an installed capacity of 1,060 MW, is located on the upper reach of the Schwarza River in Southern Thuringia.more

Pumped Storage Plant Goldisthal, Germany

The pumped storage plant Goldisthal, with an installed capacity of 1060 MW, is located in the Thuringian Forest. The upper reservoir is formed by a circular rockfill ring dam with asphaltic concrete surface sealing. The power cavern houses 4 sets of pump-turbines and generator motors. 2 units are of conventional fixed speed hydro units, and 2 units are double fed induction machines plus cycloconverters for adjustable speed control. The lower reservoir is formed by a 67 m high asphalt core rockfill dam. more

Geotechnical Investigations for the Pumped Storage Plant Goldisthal, Germany

The pumped storage plant Goldisthal is located on the upper course of the river Schwarza in Southern Thuringia and has an installed capacity of 1,060 MW.more

Pumped Storage Plant Guangzhou, China

The Guangzhou Phase II pumped storage plant in Guangdong province utilises the storage capacity of the existing upper and lower reservoirs of Guangzhou Phase I. The new (Phase II) works include the construction of an intake structure at the upper reservoir, upstream and downstream waterways, surge tanks and a power cavern.more

Pump Storage Plant Atdorf, Germany

The pumped storage project ATDORF had been planned already in the 1970s, to become the third plant within the Hotzenwald pumped storage scheme in the Southern Black Forest, Germany. Planning activities had again resumed in 1992/93. However, the project was not realised at either time. As per today’s design, Atdorf shall be implemented as Germany’s largest pumped storage project with a total installed capacity of 1,400 MW.more

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