Thakot Hydropower Project, Pakistan

Thakot Hydropower Project will exploit the difference in head of circa 180 m between the planned Patan Hydropower Project and the existing Tarbela Project. Various options are being studied to exploit this head. The options include a single dam and hydropower scheme and a cascade of lower dams and hydropower schemes. The single dam and hydropower scheme foresees very long TBM-driven power waterways with high overburden, while the cascade foresees shorter power waterways with much lower overburden.

ClientPakistan Water and Power Authority
Services Period2015 – 2017
Main Data
  • Single dam and long tunnels, or cascade of dams and shorter tunnels
  • Underground powerhouses / surface powerhouses
  • Installed capacities from 1,600 MW to 4,000 MW
  • Design heads from 69 m to 180 m
  • Review of existing studies, data collection
  • Basic studies; fieldwork and surveys, topography, hydrology, sediment transport, geology, seismology, environment
  • Sediment deposition and reservoir flushing studies
  • Environmental and social baseline establishment, environmental and social impact assessment
  • Component optimization (tunnels, dam, installed capacity, river diversion)
  • Hydraulic design, underground support design
  • Feasibility design of all main project components and structures – dam, underground powerhouse, tunnels, roads
  • Construction planning
  • Cost estimating, economic and financial analysis
  • CDM evaluation
  • Reporting – progress, technical memoranda, CDM, final feasibility, final EIA, EMP, Resettlement Action Plan

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