Tanahu Hydropower Project, Nepal

The hydrological and topographical conditions in Nepal mean that, through the development of hydropower, the country will play a crucial role in supplying the Indian sub-continent with electricity. The Tanahu Hydropower Plant on the Seti River – about 150 km from the capital Kathmandu – is the country’s first major storage-type hydropower project, and therefore fulfils a pioneering role for the future implementation of similar plants which will be developed to export electricity, especially to India.

The reservoir will be provided with a sediment flushing system, in order to maintain it free from excessive sediment deposition. The installed generating capacity is to be 140 MW, and the main dam is designed as a 140 m high gravity dam.

Together with Manitoba Hydro International, Lahmeyer International has been engaged to provide comprehensive engineering services over a period of        12 years, through implementation and operation of the project.

ClientTanahu Hydropower Limited (THL)
Executionsince 2015
Technical Data
  • Installed capacity
140 MW
  • Dam type
concrete gravity
  • Dam height / crest length
140 m / 175 m
  • Reservoir surface area at FSL
7.26 km²
  • Headrace tunnel length / diameter
1.35 km / 7.4 m
  • Powerhouse type
  • Two diversion tunnels, diameter
11.0 m
  • Phase 1: Support before selection of contractor
Implementation planning; design review; bid management including contract negotiations; planning and preparation of strategy documents
  • Phase 2: Support during construction
Review and approval of drawings and designs; supervision, management and monitoring of construction; witness and approval of equipment testing and commissioning; supervision of all works, including manufacturing/fabrication; quality assurance; support to THL; supervision and coordination of contractors’ activities; preparation and submission of reports
  • Phase 3: Support to THL in operation (post-commissioning)
Plant operation planning in detail; O&M activities on a regular basis; monitoring operational performance; quality assurance; supervision and scheduling

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