Patan Hydropower Project, Pakistan

The project comprises a large roller compacted (RCC) concrete gravity dam on the main Indus River and an underground hydropower scheme. The project will be part of the cascade of large dam and hydropower projects planned by the Government of Pakistan on the main Indus River (Bunji, Diamer-Basha, Dasu, Patan, Thakot). The Patan Project is located downstream of the definitely planned Diamer-Basha and Dasu Hydropower Projects and upstream of the yet to be planned Thakot Hydropower Project. A study of several hydropower alternatives at Patan, ranging from very short (< 900m, generating 1,800MW) to very long (almost 18km, generating 3,200MW) underground power waterways established the preferred layout that exploited the available head at the lowest cost and risk. The dam will incorporate gated spillways and sediment flushing structures. The spillways (high and mid-level) will have a discharge capacity exceeding 45,000 m3/s. The flushing structures will maintain the power intakes and a part of the reservoir free from sedimentation. Full feasibility studies have established the social and environmental impacts of the project and its economic and financial viability.

The Patan HPP will generate both peak and base electrical energy for Pakistan’s national grid.

ClientPakistan Water and Power Authority
Services Period2013 – 2015
Technical Data
  • RCC gravity dam, (height, crest length)
122m / 380m
  • Underground powerhouse (w/h/l):
  • Installed capacity (generator):
10 x 238 = 2,385 MW
  • Annual energy:
12,500 GWh
  • Rated gross head:
101 m
  • Diversion tunnels, D/L:
2 x 14m, Horse shoe / 750m
  • Headrace, D/L:
5 x 12m/206m
  • Tailrace, D/L:
5 x 14m, D shaped / 4,555m
  • Review of existing studies, data collection
  • Basic studies; fieldwork and surveys, topography, hydrology, sediment transport, geology, seismology, environment
  • Sediment deposition and reservoir flushing studies
  • Environmental and social baseline and impact assessments
  • Component optimization, hydraulic design, rock engineering
  • Feasibility design of all main project components and structures – dam, underground powerhouse, tunnels, roads
  • Construction planning, costing, economic/financial analysis
  • Reporting; technical memoranda, main feasibility reports, CDM report

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