Athmuqam Hydropower Project, Pakistan

The Athmuqam Hydropower Project shall exploit some 280 m gross head from a 23 km long reach of the Neelum river in the Kashmir province in northern Pakistan. A substantial portion of the Neelum in the development reach forms the borderline between Pakistan and India.

The project – as presently intended - consists in a 55 m high concrete gravity dam, a 17.3 km long headrace tunnel, and an underground power complex with installed capacity of 450 MW, subject to optimization. The power intake is fitted with de-sanding basins for some 215 m³/s of power discharge. Operation of the plant is envisaged as run-of-river with ability for daily pondage.


Daelim Industrial Company Ltd. / Lotte Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd., Korea

Durationsince 2017
Technical Data
  • Concrete gravity dam, height
55 m
  • 4 De-sander basins, length (each)
230 m
  • Headrace tunnel, length
17.3 km
  • Installed capacity
Run of river with 57 m weir
  • Underground power station  
4 units, Francis type
  • Co-working with Developer and Study Consultant in Korea, in the fields of:
    • Study of alternative project layouts
    • Hydraulic dimensioning of power waterways, headworks with desanders
    • Powerhouse and head works design
    • Optimization of the installed capacity
    • Design criteria and principles for project design
    • Cost estimation M&E and hydraulic steelworks
  • Field reconnaissance and Geological Mapping in Pakistan
  • Review and Approval of Design and Reports from Project Consultant:
    • Topographic survey, geological studies, seismic risk analysis
    • Hydrology and sedimentation studies
    • Environmental studies
    • Optimization of project layout and operation
    • Dimensioning and design of layout component

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