1,124 MW Kohala Hydropower Project, Pakistan

The 1124 MW Kohala Hydropower Project is located in the north-east of Pakistan, and will be the second of six hydropower schemes planned to be built on the Jhelum River, which is a branch of the Indus River in the state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

The development of the Project is being undertaken on a Build-Operate-Own-Transfer basis by the Kohala Hydro Company (Private) Limited (KHCL), which is a subsidiary of China Asia Investment Ltd.

The main powerhouse is 85 km from Islamabad and 35 km downstream from Muzaffarabad. The catchment area of the dam is 14,060 km², with an average annual discharge of 302 m³/s and average annual runoff of 9.52 billion m³.

The total installed capacity of the hydropower plants will be 1,124 MW. The average annual generating capacity of the main powerhouse and ecological flow powerhouse will be 5.149 billion kWh.

ClientKohala Hydro Company (Private) Limited (KHCL)
Duration2017 - 2024
Technical Data
  • Dam type:
Curved concrete gravity dam
- Dam height (max.):69 m
- Dam crest length: 270 m
  • Main power station: 
1100 MW (4x275 MW)
- Rated head: 292 m
- Design discharge:106.25 m³/s
- Average annual energy generation: 4.981 Billion kWh
- Annual utilization:4529 hours
- Plant factor:51.70%
  • Ecological flow power station:
24 MW (2x12 MW)
  • Project type:
Run of river with 57 m weir
  • Reservoir capacity:   
19.90 million m³
  •  Tunnel length:    
2 x 17.4 km
  • Average annual discharge:  
302 m³/s
  • Total plant factor:
  • Project term:
30 Years
  • Assist in tendering process for selection of EPC Contractor
  • Review of environmental and social management plan
  • Design review
  • Project supervision and management
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Health, safety and environmental control
  • Contract management
  • General risk management plan

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