Hydropower Plants

Hydropower Plant Masjed-e-Soleiman (Godar-e-Landar), Iran

The Masjed-e-Soleiman project is located in the south-west of Iran in the province of Khuzestan and is presently under construction. The reservoir is situated in a 500 to 800 m deep canyon on the Karun River - the most important hydroelectric resource in Iran. more

Thakot Hydropower Project, Pakistan

Thakot Hydropower Project will exploit the difference in head of circa 180 m between the planned Patan Hydropower Project and the existing Tarbela Project. Various options are being studied to exploit this head.more

Patan Hydropower Project, Pakistan

The project comprises a large roller compacted (RCC) concrete gravity dam on the main Indus River and an underground hydropower scheme. The project will be part of the cascade of large dam and hydropower projects planned by the Government of Pakistan on the main Indus River (Bunji, Diamer-Basha, Dasu, Patan, Thakot). more

Laúca Main Works, Angola

In 2013, The Angolan Government has started the construction of the Laúca Hydropower Project with an installed capacity of 2,067 MW, presently one of the largest hydropower projects in Africa. As a member of an International Consortium, Lahmeyer was contracted for the design review and supervision of the dam, hydraulic power circuit and the powerhouse, including the electro-mechanical equipment. Lahmeyer will give assistance during commissioning and initial operation as also for the supervision during the first year of the warranty period.more

Capanda Hydropower Plant, Angola

The construction of the Capanda dam was initiated in 1982, but due to military conflicts the works stopped in the 1990s. After the resumption of the construction works the first units started going into operation in 2004. The power station contains four Francis Turbines with a capacity of 130 MW each. The dam is a roller compacted concrete (RCC) type with a maximum height of 110 m. more

Extension of the Pumped Storage Plant Vianden, Luxembourg

The pumped storage plant Vianden is situated in the area of Luxembourg's eastern border with Germany on the river Our and was commissioned in 1964. It was built as underground hydroelectric power station, consisting of 9 horizontal ternary power units. An additional power unit (pump turbine, "10th unit") was commissioned in 1976 in a separate shaft power station. Both plants are used to cover peak load demands.more

Diamer Basha Dam Project, Pakistan

Diamer Basha dam project on the Indus River is located in the Northern Areas, some 40 km downstream of the town of Chilas and some 82 km upstream of the town of Dasu. The region is affected by earthquakes.more

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