Mubarak Pumping Station, Egypt

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation established a large scale abstraction system to transfer water from Lake Nasser to supply the new South Valley Irrigation Scheme and urban development near the Toshka depression, North West of Abu Simbel. The central feature of the water abstraction system is the Mubarak Pumping Station, which is connected by a 4 km long intake canal with the lake and discharges up to 334 m³/s into the El Sheikh Zayed canal system.

The Mubarak Pumping Station comprises an intake basin, an offshore pump building within the basin, and a pressure duct system discharging into a basin at the head of the El Sheikh Zayed canal. The intake basin is formed by a 54 m deep excavated pit, with bottom dimensions 167 x 75 m, and which is now fully impounded. The intake canal was constructed in the Nubian sandstone to a depth of 40 m below the water level by rock dredging procedures. The pump building is a 140 m long, 60 m high and 45 m wide structure, providing a waterproof housing for 24 vertical axis centrifugal pumps in a double row. The long term water level variations in Lake Nasser result in static head range of between 22.5 and 54 m, which requires variable speed drives for the pumps. On the pressure (delivery) side a compact duct system of pre-stressed concrete feeds 24 individual mains. Automatically aerated siphons at the discharge basin prevent backflow in case of power failure. The electricity supply for the        288 MW pumping station is provided by a 230 kV overhead transmission line from Aswan.


EEJC (Joint Venture Skanska, Hitachi, AIC)

Services Period1989 – 2003
Technical Data
  • No. of pumps:
21 plus 3 extension
  • Type of pumps:
centrifugal vertical axis
  • Motordrives:
variable speed
  • Nominal flow:
21 x 15.9 m³/s = 334 m³/s
  • Installed capacity: 
24 x 12 MW = 288 MW
  • Structural dimensions, L/W/H: 
140 / 45 / 60 m
  • Type of structure:
offshore, reinforced concrete
  • Intake canal:
4.5 km dredged in Nubian sandstone
  • Discharge mains: 
pre-stressed concrete ducts with siphons
  • Siphon outlet structure, L/W/H:
100 / 23 / 35 m
  • Tender design for contractor (EPC)
  • Inquiry specifications for hydromechanical equipment
  • EPC construction design
  • Concrete mix design
  • Assistance and quality assurance to the contractor

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