Rehabilitation of Hydro Power Plant Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Rama hydropower scheme was brought into service in 1968. The tunnel and the surge shaft were excavated in folded and faulted dolomites, limestones, spilites, carbonaceous breccias, slates and breccia, and for a section of 230 m in anhydrite. The headrace tunnel operates under a pressure head of between 75 m and 91 m, and extensive investigations and repair works carried out since then had reduced the leakage and improved the plant reliability, however cracking remains a problem and it was necessary to investigate and carry out a programme of grouting and rehabilitation of the concrete structures.

ClientJP Elektroprivreda Hrvatske Zajednice Herceg Bosna d.o.o
LocationBosnia and Herzegovina
Services Period2002 – 2004
Technical Data
  • Length of tunnel:
9,517 m
  • Inner (lined) diameter of tunnel:
5.0 m
  • Height of surge shaft:
approx. 95 m
  • Inner (lined) diameter of surge shaft:
8.5 m
  • Area of surge basin:
approx. 1,870 m²
  • Volume of surge basin:
approx. 12,000 m³
  • Site inspection
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Rehabilitation design
  • Tender documentation
  • Assistance during tendering and contract negotiations
  • Supervision of rehabilitation works

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