Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Efficiency Improvement Project, India

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is supporting the Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Efficiency Improvement Project (MPIEIP) that will achieve high irrigation efficiency and water productivity in two large irrigation schemes in Madhya Pradesh, India. The MPIEP will finance the development of the Kundalia Irrigation Project (KIP) and the modernization of the Sanjay Sarovar Irrigation Project (SSIP). Construction will be through a combination of international and national competitive bidding. 

The project will address irrigated agriculture and water resources management issues. This will be achieved through a technical assistance (PPTA) with: (i) develop feasibility design of KIP; (ii) prepare KIP's turnkey contract documents; (iii) review the technical and economic viability of KIP; (iv) evaluate safeguard requirements and prepare associated approval documents and implementation plans; (v) prepare the consulting package for the program management and design consultant (PMDC); (vi) undertake financial and procurement assessments of the Water Resources Department Madhya Pradesh (MPWRD, executing agency); (vii) prepare all requirements for the overall multitranche financing facility (MFF); and (viii) the project specific documentation for the project and support the program implementation start-up. Total irrigation area of KIP is 125.600 ha. The source of water  is provided from a reservoir and groundwater. For the supply of the irrigation command areas two onshore pump stations are designed, which will lift water from the reservoir to distribution chambers made of a concrete structures on natural hillocks. The pump stations are connected through an approach channel to the  reservoir. The water is distributed from the distribution chambers by gravity flow to the pipeline distribution network to the fields. The  maximum design discharge capacities for the pump stations is 27.2 m³/s and 29.10 m³/s . Total number of pump sets in the two pump stations is 24. The pumps are  of vertical lineshaft type with electrical motors. A number of pump sets are equipped with variable speed drive system (VSDS) to improve the operation flexibility.  

Each main pump set will be connected via individual discharge pipe sections, pipe bends, bifurcations, collector pipe and diffuser sections to the main discharge riser pipes. The pump discharge pipes with diameters up to 3.000 mm will be partly laid under ground from the pumphouses to the distribution chambers. 

Client / FinancierWater Resources Department Madhya Pradesh (MPWRD)
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Execution2016 – ongoing
Technical Data
  • Service Area
125.600 ha
  • Water duty
0.33 l/s/ha (based on peak)
  • Method of irrigation
micro-sprinkler, drip
  • No. of pump stations (pump sets)
2 (24 sets)
  • Total discharge capacity
27.2 and 29.1 m³/s
  • Total pump heads
up to 103 m
  • Pump discharge pipe dia.
2.400 to 3.000 mm
  • Total pipe length
24.73 km
  • Pipe material
mild steel, HDPE
  • Comprehensive Project Preparatory Technical Assistance (PPTA)
  • Development of feasibility designs
  • Preparation of tender designs including dimensioning of the pressurized irrigation system / pipes including mechanical, electrical and hydro-mechanical steel structure equipment (pumps, discharge pipes, valves, electrical drives)
  • Economic analysis, hydraulic studies
  • Preparation of MFF documents

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