Laúca Main Works, Angola

The third phase of the Medium Kwanza Development with an annual average flow of about 679 m3/s, is the Laúca HPP with a total rated capacity of about 2,067 MW, located 47 km downstream from the Capanda dam.

The Laúca dam will be a roller compacted concrete (RCC) type with a maximum height of 132 m and a crown length of about 1.1 km. The integrated spillway is equipped with three gates with a dimension of 15 m width and 21 m height.

The underground powerhouse is located on the right bank of the river. The water intake for the headrace tunnels is on the right bank site in front of the main dam. The water intake structure has a height of about 74 m and a total width of 162 m.

The headrace tunnels end approx. 2 km downstream from the main dam, providing a gross head of 234 m. The powerhouse will be equipped with six vertical Francis turbines with a rated capacity of 333 MW each.

The required ecological flow rate of 60 m3/s will be used for a second powerhouse in the left abutment of the dam equipped with a Francis turbine of 67 MW and a gross head of 133 m.

ClientMINEA, Ministry of Energy and Water Resources
Services Period2013 – 2018
Technical Data
  • Dam type:
  • Height / crest length:
132 m / 1,100 m
  • Concrete volume:
2,646,470 m3 RCC, 129,350 m³ concrete
  • Underground powerhouse L/H/W:
277 m / 52 m / 22 m
  • Turbine type:
  • Installed capacity:
6 x 333 MW = 2,000 MW
  • Installed capacity of ecological flow:
67 MW
  • Advisory services to the Main Works for the General Coordination of carrying out the Development
  • Review of Feasibility studies (2010)
  • Review of Basic Design
  • Technical assistance during tendering processes for civil construction works and for the electro-mechanical equipment as well as the review of the model test results
  • Implementation of the project on an EPC base
  • Approval of the construction design (civil and E&M)
  • Supervision of construction works and equipment installation
  • Inspection and factory and on-site testing of electro-mechanical equipment
  • Assistance during commissioning and initial operation
  • Supervision during the warranty period

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