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Extension of the Hydropower Station Owen Falls, Uganda

The Owen Falls hydropower station began operating in 1954, and by 1968 ten Kaplan units had been commissioned and were already uprated to 18 MW. Water has spilled continuously, and feasibility studies had shown that the site could accommodate additional units.more

Electromechanical Equipment for Pumped Storage Plant Tongbai, China

The Tongbai Pumped Storage Project is located near the city of Tiantai, in Zhejian province. The existing reservoir of the Tongbai Hydropower Station (8 MW) serves as the upper reservoir, and a new lower reservoir was constructed.more

Electromechanical Equipment for Pumped Storage Plant Goldisthal, Germany

The Goldisthal Pumped Storage Plant, with an installed capacity of 1,060 MW, is located on the upper reach of the Schwarza River in Southern Thuringia.more

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