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Overall Rehabilitation of KHR Hydropower Plants, Switzerland

The Kraftwerke HinterRhein AG (KHR) operates a group of three hydropower plants in the Swiss Alps ‒ Ferrera, Bärenburg and Sils ‒ with a total installed capacity of approximately 650 MW. KHR also operates the smaller Thusis hydropower plant (6 MW). Most of the KHR power plants have been in operation for more than 40 years, and it was decided that a complete rehabilitation of the plant equipment and structures was required.more

Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Efficiency Improvement Project, India

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is supporting the Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Efficiency Improvement Project (MPIEIP) that will achieve high irrigation efficiency and water productivity in two large irrigation schemes in Madhya Pradesh, India.more

Laúca Main Works, Angola

In 2013, The Angolan Government has started the construction of the Laúca Hydropower Project with an installed capacity of 2,067 MW, presently one of the largest hydropower projects in Africa. As a member of an International Consortium, Lahmeyer was contracted for the design review and supervision of the dam, hydraulic power circuit and the powerhouse, including the electro-mechanical equipment. Lahmeyer will give assistance during commissioning and initial operation as also for the supervision during the first year of the warranty period.more

Hydropower Station Merowe, Sudan

The Merowe Dam and Hydropower Station is located on the Nile River, downstream of the 4th, about 350 km north of Khartoum.more

Modernisation and Upgrading of 6 Hydro Plants, India

After some 20 and more years of continuous duty, the six hydro plants Chibro, Khodri, Dhakrani, Dhalipur, Kulhal and Tiloth approached the stage where rehabilitation of plant and equipment had become necessary in order to restore operational reliability and adjust the plant systems to the current state-of-the-art.more

Hydropower Plants Mahipar & Sarobi, Afghanistan

The Mahipar & Sarobi Hydropower Plants are on the Kabul River to the east of Kabul, and provide a significant portion of the mid and peak power for the Kabul area, particularly during the winter months.more

Refurbishment and Expansion of the Hydropower Plant ArgessIMO, Switzerland

The refurbishment and expansion of the ArgessIMO Hydropower Plant comprised, among other tasks, the development of the Illsee-Oberems Hydropower Plant into a pumped storage plant with a maximum installed capacity of 180 MW.more

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