Midlands Dam, Mauritius

The Midlands Dam on the Grand River South East (GRSE) on the Central Plateau of Mauritius will be utilized to improve the water supply for domestic, industrial and irrigation purposes in the northern plains of the island. To establish the optimum dam type for the given site conditions, different alternatives were investigated including: homogeneous earthfill dam; roller compacted concrete dam; and rockfill dam with clay core, asphaltic core or surface sealing. The dam is founded on the residual soil, thereby avoiding extensive excavation works.

ClientGovernment of Mauritius, Ministry of Public Utilities, Port Louis
Services Period1997 – 2003
Technical Data
  • Catchment area:
17.2 km²
  • Mean annual rainfall:
4,100 mm/year
  • Active storage capacity:
25.5 x 106
  • Max. dam height above foundation:
30 m
  • Crest length:
2,500 m
  • Spillway capacity:
645 m³/s
  • Capacity of water intake:
2 x 50 m³/s
  • Capacity of bottom outlet:
40 m³/s
  • Review of feasibility study
  • Hydrological studies
  • Tender design
  • Pre-qualification process
  • Establishment of tender documents
  • Tender evaluation
  • Construction design
  • Construction and installation supervision
  • Training of personnel

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