Construction Supervision, Quality Assurance and Contracts Management

Construction Supervision and Contract Management at the Merowe Dam Project

The construction management challenges associated with Africa's currently largest infrastructure project included: an extremely tight deadline; complex river diversion arrangements utilising the flood relief structures; cultural difficulties arising from the Employer, civil Contractor and electromechanical Contractors from different continents. The project was financed principally by Arabic and Islamic development banks.more

Laúca River Diversion, Angola

The construction of two diversion tunnels and the diversion of the River Kwanza has created conditions for the subsequent construction of the dam for the 2,067 MW Hydropower Plant Laúca. In total, 1,021 m of tunnels, with an internal diameter of 14 m, were excavated by drill-and-blast. Rock support was provided by steel-fibre reinforced shotcrete and rock bolts. Lahmeyer assisted the client during tendering and tender evaluation, and was awarded a contract to review and approve the structural drawings for execution and provided construction management and supervision.more

Laúca Main Works, Angola

In 2013, The Angolan Government has started the construction of the Laúca Hydropower Project with an installed capacity of 2,067 MW, presently one of the largest hydropower projects in Africa. As a member of an International Consortium, Lahmeyer was contracted for the design review and supervision of the dam, hydraulic power circuit and the powerhouse, including the electro-mechanical equipment. Lahmeyer will give assistance during commissioning and initial operation as also for the supervision during the first year of the warranty period.more

Hydropower Project Baglihar, India

The Baglihar Hydropower Project represents a milestone in the development of the rich hydropower resources of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Baglihar is one of a series of projects planned or under construction on the Chenab River whose live storage volumes are constrained by the Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan.more

Hydropower Station Kárahnjukar, Iceland

The Kárahnjukar Hydroelectric Project is located in eastern Iceland on the Jökulsá rivers. The water is dammed to form the Hálslón Reservoir (2,100 Mm3) and then conveyed by a 40 km long headrace tunnel to the Teigsbjarg escarpment, where it is fed via two 4.04 m diameter steel lined vertical pressure shafts, 420 m high, to the underground powerhouse.more

Hydropower Station Birecik, Turkey

The hydropower plant Birecik is located on the Firat River (Euphrates), 90 km downstream of the Atatürk Dam and some 30 km north of the Syrian border. It makes use of a head of 45 m and, with 6 Francis turbines, provides an installed capacity of 672 MW. Birecik was performed as a BOT project (build, operate, transfer).more

Hydropower Station Sultartangi, Iceland

The power plant is supplied from the existing Sultartangi Reservoir on the Thjórsá River. The 6.1 km long rockfill dam was raised by 1 m, thereby increasing the storage volume by 4 Mm³, and in addition a 66 m long inflatable rubber spillway dam was developed and installed. The new plant, with two Francis turbines resulting in an installed capacity of 120 MW, will have an annual energy production of more than 880 Gwh.more

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