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Modernisation and Upgrading of 6 Hydro Plants, India

After some 20 and more years of continuous duty, the six hydro plants Chibro, Khodri, Dhakrani, Dhalipur, Kulhal and Tiloth approached the stage where rehabilitation of plant and equipment had become necessary in order to restore operational reliability and adjust the plant systems to the current state-of-the-art.more

Analysis, Design and Implementation of a New Cadastre System, Senegal

This project encompassed the analysis of the existing cadastre system in the country, and the design and implementation of a new system comprising ESRI's ArcGIS and the open source RDBMS Postgre SQL, for application by the Directorate of Taxes of the Ministry of Economy and Finances in Dakar.more

Engineering Surveying and Quantity Surveys at the Merowe Dam Project, Sudan

An integral component of the construction phases of this major project was the provision of all topographic construction services required, reference network checking and adjustment, setting out and precision location, excavation and earthworks measurement, progress surveys, and control measurements to ensure quality and accuracy.more

Naga Hammadi Dam, Egypt

The original Naga Hammadi Barrage is located on the River Nile in Upper Egypt some 135 km north of the city of Luxor. It was commissioned in 1930 and is one of a series of structures to raise river levels and divert water to irrigation areas. After several years of planning, the construction of a new barrage began covering a sluiceway, a powerhouse and two navigation locks.more

Hydropower Plants Mahipar & Sarobi, Afghanistan

The Mahipar & Sarobi Hydropower Plants are on the Kabul River to the east of Kabul, and provide a significant portion of the mid and peak power for the Kabul area, particularly during the winter months.more

Master Plan Study for the Genale-Dawa River Basin, Ethiopia

The Genale-Dawa River Basin Integrated Resources Development Master Plan Study will complete a series of ten master plan studies for Ethiopia's major river basins. The specific objectives of the study are to derive a master plan that will contribute to the sustainable development and poverty reduction in the Genale-Dawa River Basin and make optimum use of all natural, physical, human and animal resources with the minimum possible adverse environmental impact.more

Stung Chinit Irrigation and Rural Infrastructure Project, Cambodia

The project is located in the north-central part of Cambodia in the Province of Kampong Thom. The project comprises the first stage of a more extensive development, which eventually could bring full wet and dry season irrigation to approx. 12,000 ha. The project includes a very high proportion of farmer participation in decision-making from conception through to commissioning, water management and operation and maintenance.more

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