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Consulting Services for 220 MW Gulf of El Zayt Wind Energy Project, Egypt

The New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) is implementing the Gulf of El Zayt Wind Energy Project with the foreign currency portion financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The project is envisaged with a capacity of 220 MW. more

Capacity Development for Wind Power Project Development and Financing, Vietnam

Under the project “Upscaling of Wind Power in Viet Nam” the German government is supporting the government of Vietnam for capacity building for the development of the wind power sector in Vietnam.more

Technical Advisory Services for Two Wind Farms, Pakistan

Lahmeyer International GmbH (Lahmeyer) was contracted by National Bank of Pakistan to conduct a technical due diligence for two wind farms, each 50 MW, to perform construction monitoring and operation monitoring for five (5) years.more

50 MW HAWA Wind Farm, Pakistan

HAWA Energy Private (Pvt.) Limited, Pakistan implemented the Construction of the 50 MW Wind Farm Project HAWA located in Jhimpir, District Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan. Within the HAWA project, Lahmeyer International was assigned for rendering full technical advisory services as Owner’s Engineer during final Development stage as well as for the complete Implementation phase of the wind farm.more

49.5 MW Three Gorges Second Wind Farm, and 49.5 MW Three Gorges Third Wind Farm, Pakistan

Three Gorges Second Wind Farm Pakistan Ltd and Three Gorges Third Wind Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd each developed and constructed a 49.5 MW wind farm in the Jhimpir area in Sindh province, Pakistan.more

Feasibility Study and Bid Document Preparations for Assela Wind Farm, Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Electric Corporation (EEP) has received financing support from the African Development Bank for the development of the Assela wind farm, located about 100 km south of the capital of Addis Abeba at the eastern side of the African Rift Valley.more

50 MW FFC Wind Farm Project, Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has decided to enforce the development of renewable energy plants, especially wind energy plants to meet the lack of energy in the future. As a first step, some suitable areas were selected and a bidding process for these areas started. At the beginning of the project, the FFCEL 50 MW Wind Power Plant was one of three 50 MW plants being developed in the area around the town of Jhampir, North-East of Karachi.more

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