Pre-Feasibility Study for Hatay Combined Cycle Power Plant, Turkey

Akenerji Elektrik A. Ş. planned to install a natural gas fired combined cycle power plant with the capacity in the order of 900 MW at the North-East shore of the Bay of Iskenderun close to the village of Aşağiburnaz in Turkey.

The site located in the Hatay region stretches along the coast of the Bay of Iskenderun. The site contains a few sand dunes and water streams, otherwise it is fairly flat. Due to the proximity to the sea a ‘once through cooling system’ for the CCPP utilising sea water is a likely cooling concept. The shallowness at this end of the Bay of Iskenderun requires thorough investigation and planning. 

The CCPP concept would either be based on single or dual shaft arrangement. The technology of the GTG units will be ‘F’-class. The main plant components will be:

  • Two gas fired GTG units, no back-up fuel
  • Two HRSG units, triple pressure and reheat
  • One or two steam turbine units, condensing type, reheat
  • Once through cooling system with sea water
  • One gas receiving/conditioning station
  • One HV switchyard located on the site
  • One sea water desalination and demineralisation plant
  • One turbine hall, one administration/control building and all required infrastructure

The emission limits considered are to the EU standards.

ClientAkenerji Elektrik Üretim A.S., Istanbul, Turkey
Services Period2008 – 2019
Technical Data
  • Capacity:
900 MWGross
  • Technology:
Combined Cycle PP
  • Fuel:
Natural Gas
  • Steam Data:
124 bar / 538 °C / 538 °C
  • Operation mode:
continuous baseload
  • Collection and verification of all site and project data
  • Development of technical concepts for the CCPP
  • Establishing the optimal technical plant concept considering all relevant design parameters
  • Preparation of general plant layout drawings
  • Valuation of project investment and plant operation costs
  • Development of the project implementation schedule
  • Financial analysis
  • Assessment of the project risks
  • Presentation of the results to the client and discussion of the findings
  • Preparation of the Pre-Feasibility Study report

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