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Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) with Thermal Storage, Feasibility Study CSP and PV, Tunisia

Based on a previous Pre-Feasibility Study by Lahmeyer International, the Client (KfW) contracted Lahmeyer to perform a Feasibility Study for PV and CSP projects in Tunisia. This Study includes a demand analysis and description of the electricity sector in Tunisia. It is also analyzed how the local Tunisian industry and universities can be included in the construction and research / education process of such projects. This project is performed in cooperation with the local utility STEG.more

Concept Study on Renewable Energy and Storage Combinations for Power supply to the EU, Morocco

The European Union has defined a clear target for 2020: to reach approx. 37% of renewable share in the European electricity sector. Germany already expresses the idea to reach the target of 80 to 100% of renewable generation by 2050. Whereas the mid-term goals (2020) can probably be reached by harnessing mainly the indigenous renewable energy sources, for to reach the long-term goals (2050), solar and wind energy from Northern Africa and the Middle East might also contribute.more

Cost Assumptions for a CSP Plant with Thermal Storage in Morocco

Lahmeyer International has been requested to provide preliminary cost estimates for selected project components for the CSP business case in Morocco.more

Concept Study on Energy Storage Systems in Different Isolated Grids in the Mediterranean Region, Senegal

The isolated Mediterranean electricity systems are characterised by high shares of fossil fired power plants and - due to their remote geography - mostly by high electricity generation cost. Moreover, the electricity generation potential of renewable energy resources is large. However, since the systems are isolated the incorporation of fluctuating RES feed-in represents a challenge. Electricity storage media can improve firstly the integration of RES and secondly contribute to a general increase of efficiency. Within the project several Mediterranean isolated grids have been analysed towards their operation with and without storage. For this, different storage operation modes have been studied: Peak shaving Optimisation of generation efficiency Minimisation of rejected energy …more

Concentrating Solar Power with Thermal Storage: Lender's Engineer for a 17 MW Solar Tower Power Plant – Solar Tres, Spain

Lahmeyer International GmbH was appointed by Grupo Banco Popular, as leader bank, to carry out a technical due diligence for the installation of a 17 MW solar tower power plant in Spain. The power plant foresees the installation of a large size molten salt thermal storage which will allow it to operate over 6,000 hours per year.more

Feasibility Study: Photovoltaic Plant in the isolated system in Ziguinchor (Senegal)

Within the framework of the bilateral development cooperation between the Republic of Senegal and the Federal Republic of Germany, the promotion of "Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency" is a focal point.more

Solar Field Optimization for 50 MW Solar Power Plant, Spain

The Spanish utility ECYR & DEHESA NORTE, S.A. is developing a solar thermal power plant with parabolic trough technology near Sevilla. Lahmeyer International has been appointed as Technical Consultant to optimize the concept design of the solar part of the plant.more

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