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Rural Electrification, Hybrid Systems - Electricity Supply for the Islands of Quenu, Tabón and Melinka-Repollal, Chile

This project consists in the study of continuous electricity supply for the islands of Quenu, Tabón and Melinka-Repollal in Chile, by means of renewable energies as complement / substitution for existing Diesel systems. Lahmeyer International is in charge as adviser in this field of the project form GEF/UNDP and CNE.more

Renewable Energy Development Plan for Ghana

The Client, Volta River Authority (VRA) intends to realize the Renewable Energy Development Plan (REDP) through the development of wind farm and solar power plant projects and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).more

Zafarana KfW IV Wind Park, Egypt

The Red Sea Coast of Egypt has one of the highest wind speeds worldwide. Since the late 90’s various wind energy projects have been developed in the Zafarana and Hurghada area. The KfW and the Danish Development Organisation DANIDA have financed until the end of 2004 a total capacity of 130 MW.more

Combined Renewable Energy Master Plan for Egypt

Objective of this study is the establishment of a comprehensive framework for the development of wind and solar energies. Until now, this is the most extensive and detailed project to elaborate a national renewable energy master plan for the power sector on the African continent. The Master Plan will facilitate the technical and economic integration of renewable energies into the Egyptian electricity supply. The project starts with a feasibility study for a large scale Concentrating Solar Power plant in Upper Egypt. more

Development of the Electricity Carbon Emission Factors for Russia and Ukraine

Goal of this study is the calculation of reliable carbon emission factors for both Russia and the Ukraine for the period from 2009 to 2020. With these standard and broadly acceptable electricity carbon emission factors for the Russian and Ukrainian electricity systems, which serve as baseline scenario for the future development of Joint Implementation (JI), respective project activities are to be developed.more

EMPower Program, Phase II (Exploring & Motivating Sustainable Power Markets), world-wide

The overall objective of the EMPower Program (Exploring & Motivating Sustainable Power Markets) is to support utilities in countries around the world to help identify specific solar projects and to determine both the potential demand and the cost at which a respective solar technology would be cost competitive relative to other generation sources.more

Technical and Economic Review of IES TPP Investment Programme, Russia

CJSC Integrated Energy Systems (IES) envisages installing sixteen new thermal power generation units in IPS Center and IPS Urals under the regulations made within the Capacity Provision Agreement (CPA) by the Russian Government (“TPP Investment Programme”). The Client awarded the contract to Lahmeyer International Rus for the assessment of 11 PP projects within which the major scope of work has been done by the Department of Economics of Lahmeyer International, Germany. The review of CJSC IES developed engineering models and the efficiency of the respective power generation unit investments have been performed.more

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