Khartoum North Power Station Rehabilitation of I&C and electrical equipment, Sudan

The National Electricity Corporation (NEC) of Sudan has decided to rehabilitate and modernise the I&C, electrical and related mechanical systems of Khartoum North Power Station. The rehabilitation measures shall secure a successful operation of the units for the next 20 years and shall increase the efficiency.


National Electricity Corporation (NEC), Sudan

Services Period2005 – 2008
Technical Data
Present net electrical: 
  • Phase 1:
2 x 30 MWel
  • Phase 2:
2 x 60 MWel
  • Present net electrical efficiency:
45.8 %
  • Feasibility study
  • Tender specification
  • Contract negotiation
  • Design review and approval
  • Progress and design meetings
  • Workshop inspections and tests
  • Site supervision
  • Home office backup services for site supervision
  • Guarantee period

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