Alfula Crude Oil and Natural Gas-fired Power Plant, Sudan

The National Electricity Corporation (NEC) Sudan intends to install the Alfula crude oil-fired power plant, transmission lines and substations. The EPC power project will mainly consist of 3 x 135 MWel steam turbine units with oil and gas fired boilers, approximately 380 km of 220 kV transmission line and four (4) 220/33 kV substations. The implementation period is scheduled to be 45 months for the power plant and 33 months for the transmission lines and substations. The Alfula power plant will be supplied with crude oil and natural gas from the various sources in Sudan via new pipeline connections.more

GKM, Block 9, Steam Power Plant, Germany

Grosskraftwerk Mannheim, Germany is extending its over 90-year old coal-fired power station by one state-of-the-art pulverised coal-fired, supercritical steam power plant, “Unit 9”. The SPP will be located next to the existing units 7 and 8 at the river Rhine. It will have a net power output of 911 MWel and a thermal output of 500 MWth , which will be utilised for district heating.more

Consultancy Services: Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Three Coal-fired Power Plant Projects, Indonesia

On three different sites at Java Island Lahmeyer International is carrying out QA / QC consultant’s engineering services together with 36 local and 12 expat engineers, starting in 2007 until now. Lahmeyer International carried out supervision, coordination, inspection and has been responsible during manufacturing / fabrication works of plant’s equipment and materials to be supplied by Chinese EPC contractors. Lahmeyer International actively assists the employer and will be responsible to execute inspection and expediting works during manufacturing and construction.more

Technical Advisory Services for PV Portfolio of 23 Plants in Spain and Italy

Lahmeyer was assigned to provide technical advisory services for the acquisition of PV Portfolio, consisting of 23 PV plants with a total capacity of 158 MWp, distributed throughout Spain and Italy. The Portfolio incorporates a wide range of PV technologies (thin film, crystalline modules with fixed and tracking system), and some of the plants have been operating already for more than 3 years. This project is a typical example of a buyer’s Due Diligence project, which can be handled only by a consultant such as Lahmeyer which has extensive experience with all PV technologies and the market, together with the availability of a wide range of specialists. Particularly challenging on this project were the technical evaluation of PV components from a large number of manufacturers, and the re…more

Technical Advisor for the Implementation of 100 MWp Noor I PV Plant, UAE

Masdar is developing the Al Ain Solar Park with a total of 300 MWp installed PV capacity. The park will be implemented in three stages. Noor I is the first stage with approximately 100 MWp. Lahmeyer was contracted to prepare a Master Plan for the overall Al Ain Solar Park, as well as the designs and tender documentation for Noor I. The extensive experience of Lahmeyer’s branch office in Abu Dhabi has ensured a successful completion of this first stage of the development, in which a number of local issues that could affect the project had to be addressed. Lahmeyer has provided support to Masdar’s team up to and including the evaluation of the tenders received for the implementation of Noor I.more

Eemshaven Coal Fired Power Station, 2 x 800 MW Units, Netherlands

RWE as a large European utility plans to build a new supercritical hard coal-fired power plant with a capacity of 2 x 800 MWel and a net thermal efficiency of approximately 46% in Eemshaven in the Netherlands. Lahmeyer International was awarded as a partner to the general power station planner for engineering support services until commercial operation of the flue gas desulphurisation plant.more

Gangwon Wind Farm Project, South Korea

This very large project Gangwon Wind Farm started with a complete feasibility study from February 2001 to September 2001. The Gangwon Wind Farm is by now the largest wind farm implemented in Korea and East Asia.more

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