October 12th, 2017

Mega hydropower project Laúca in operation

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Five years after starting construction of the largest infrastructure project in Angola in June 2012, the first two power generating units of the 2,070 MW Laúca Hydropower Station were commissioned. The achievement of this major milestone was celebrated in a ceremony attended by the Angolan President in August 2017.

Within an international consortium, Lahmeyer International is, among other tasks, responsible for the complete design review and construction supervision of the waterway system – from the intake structure via six pressure tunnels of 2 km length each to the underground hydroelectric power station – and the supervision of the installation and commissioning of the complete electro-mechanical equipment.

Lahmeyer cooperated successfully with the Angolan Ministry of Energy for the previous project stage, comprising the river diversion. In March 2017, the diversion tunnels were closed and the impounding was started.

The second 340 MW power generation unit (Francis turbine) was commissioned and connected to the electric grid in October 2017 to meet the critical energy needs of the country.

The completion of the overall project is scheduled for autumn 2019.


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