July 19th, 2017

Implementation of the first grid-connected battery storage system of ENGIE in Germany

Implementation battery storage

Image source: Siemens

Energy storage is one of the most important issues in power systems with high renewable infeed. Lahmeyer International was awarded a contract to support the implementation of ENGIE´s first grid-connected battery energy storage system in Germany.

ENGIE Deutschland is developing this innovative project at the site of the Pfreimd Power Plant Group in the Upper Palatinate, which is intended to provide additional balancing energy for grid stabilisation. The decentralised battery storage is to supplement the existing pumped storage power station plants, which today already contribute to a secure energy supply with the provision of primary and secondary balancing power as well as tertiary operating reserve.

ENGIE Deutschland awarded Siemens AG with the contract for delivery of the battery storage unit. The lithium-ion storage with a capacity of

12.5 megawatts (MW) is intended to be pre-qualified for providing primary balancing energy. By pooling the battery storage with its pumped storage power station, ENGIE ensures the mandatory redundancy of balancing energy capacities.

Innovative storage technology

Driven by the growth of the global lithium-ion battery market as part of the global development of electro-mobility and the related cost-cutting effects, the operation of battery systems on the primary balancing energy market is becoming increasingly competitive.

The systems are characterised by their fast controllability, and are thus ideally suited for the stabilisation of electricity networks with a high proportion of renewable energy. Fluctuations in generation and demand can be locally compensated, which limits measures for grid expansion which would otherwise be necessary.

By the end of 2017, Siemens will deliver a turn-key SIESTORAGE type battery storage system for the project. The system will provide a capacity of more than 13 megawatt-hours (MWh). This battery storage system will be one of the largest systems that Siemens has supplied so far.

Lahmeyer Services

The Lahmeyer engineers provide advisory services to ENGIE during the implementation phase of the project. Among the services of our specialists are the evaluation of the overall technical concept, the testing of the electrical, I&C and safety technology as well as the electrochemical components with regard to the use of balancing energy, and also drawing up a guideline for FATs and for trial operation. In addition, safety functions for the prevention of environmental impacts are examined.


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