Privately Financed Projects

For Independent (Water) Power Producer Projects – I(W)PPs – Lahmeyer provides technical and contractual consulting services to investors, banks and governments for the preparation, assessment, planning and implementation of these privately financed projects. Projects must be optimised on the basis of a combined evaluation of economic, financial, technical, environmental and contractual aspects. Although most of these developments are "greenfield", "brownfield" projects are also executed which include the adoption of existing assets.

If such privately financed projects are to be successful, it is vital to achieve a fair and workable allocation of the project risks between the parties involved. The various types of risk vary in both frequency of occurrence and magnitude in different countries. Beside other critical factors, two key requirements are: the existence of a reliable legal system and regulatory framework; and a project preparation which is based on sound technical investigations.

Lahmeyer's long experience in this area (since 1989) makes us an ideally placed partner to support our clients in such privately financed power and water projects, providing services as Transaction Adviser, Technical Adviser or as Lender's Engineer.

Our Competencies:

  • Transaction Adviser to governments and utilities
  • Technical Adviser to investors and developers
  • Lender’s Engineer

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