Cyber Security Services

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Cyber Security affects both Information and Operational Technologies
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Cyber security depends on the interaction of different modules

Cyber Security Threats

Companies, industries and authorities of all sizes are increasingly endangered by cyber threats. Potential damage ranges from loss of confidential data or intellectual property, over ransom to sabotage and/or loss of control over your business and production facilities. The damage caused to the German industry in 2016 and 2017 amounts to 110 billion Euro estimates bitkom, Germany.

Critical Infrastructures

“Critical infrastructures” are the backbone of our society, providing us with water, food, energy and telecommunication. Legislators in Europe and in many countries worldwide have recognized the importance of cyber security for these critical infrastructures. They defined legal requirements, standards and guidelines to enforce this for power plants, transmission system operators, hospitals, etc. (see for example the respective EU Directive). More and more insurances offer special cyber risk policies which also require the implementation of cyber security measures.

Cyber Security Services – IT, OT and ISMS

For decades now Lahmeyer International has been a leading international engineering company focused on complex infrastructures in the sectors of energy, hydropower and water facilities as well as building and transportation. Building on this experience and the capabilities within the Tractebel group we are providing Cyber Security Services. Mitigating cyber and information security risks requires technical and organizational measures. Our services include both: Technical security services for IT and OT systems (see image 1) as well as the sustainable development and implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) according ISO/IEC 27001.

Cyber Security Modules

Cyber security depends on the interaction of different modules (see image 2).

Our approach  provides support for all project phases from an initial status assessment over design to the implementation of measures, either extracted in above mentioned modules or as one project.

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