Reciprocating Engine Power Plants

Lahmeyer’s expertise in Reciprocating Internal Combustion (RIC) engine technologies covers the full range of low, medium and high speed engines, featuring the following engine groups determined by the applied fuel types:

  • Liquid fuelled diesel engines and dual fuel (diesel/HFO & gaseous fuels) or gas-diesel engines (high pressure injection) and appropriate conversion concepts for distillate oil, heavy fuel oil, crude oil, residual oil and bio liquid fuels
  • Spark ignited pure gas engines

Engine power plants are usually designed as multiple engine-generator-set configurations, nowadays increasingly as combined cycle configuration or combined heat and power plant. RIC engines reach a high thermal efficiency in simple cycle mode, already. State of the art medium speed engines and low speed engines designed for power achieve high capacities and low fuel consumption. Larger gross efficiencies of stationary medium speed engines are about 47-48%. Larger low speed engines efficiencies are above 50%.

Diesel and gas fuelled engines have a series of advantages like: less sensitivity to capacity reduction and heat rate increase due to ambient conditions and unit part load operation; capability to burn a wider range of liquid and gaseous fuels including residual fuels; comparably less sensible to engine aging on capacity and heat rate; excellent loading acceptance and good stabilization capability on grid fluctuations.

Lahmeyer has successfully executed numerous diesel and gas power plant projects, comprising installation of new diesel and gas power plants, extension and rehabilitation of plants, rural electrification projects, fuel conversion projects and diesel-wind/photovoltaic-hybrid projects all over the world.

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