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What are Lahmeyer’s typical requirements?

This cannot be generalised. First of all, your professional skills should meet the requirements of “your” position. In addition, it is important that you are able to think outside the box, openly approach other people and cultures, and enjoy getting involved in a variety of topics. English language skills are a must, each further foreign language is an advantage. 

There is a short-term starting date. Do I have a chance despite I have to observe a period of notice?

Yes. We want to fill the majority of vacancies as soon as possible, but if you are selected as our preferred candidate, a slightly later individual starting date is no problem. Unless it is of “burning importance” to us. 

Which documents and information should I include in my application?

Basically everything that helps us to accurately assess your abilities and your personality. In principle, we would like a covering letter, explaining briefly why you feel you are the ideal candidate for the job, a summary curriculum vitae, a leaving certificate from your school or university diploma, and – if available – your employer references. You have certificates on continuing education, within the last 5 years? We are also interested in these. And don’t forget to let us know the earliest possible date you could start respective your notice period as well as your salary expectations. 

Where exactly is my place of work?

You will learn where your place of work is from a look at the vacancies. You are applying for the accounting or another central services department? In this case, your place of work will be in Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt am Main. You would like to enter our project world? In this case, you will also receive a German contract and be based in Bad Vilbel, from where you travel to your project sites. 

What is meant with “willingness to undertake business trips and deployments abroad“?

Due to the international nature of our projects and clients, business trips are an important part of work for our consulting engineers. Depending on the type of project, some require short business trips of 3 to 5 days or longer missions for several weeks. Periods of more than three months we call deployments, and can often last one to two years. Of course, we will not send our project engineers with short notice or unexpectedly: Every assignment on-site will be jointly planned and discussed. 

Where are your consultancy projects?

Our name Lahmeyer International speaks for itself. The majority of our projects are located abroad, most of them in non-European countries. 

Do I have to speak the local language when travelling internationally?

We know that Arabic or Afrikaans are seldom in school curricula. You should, however, have at least a good command of the English language, both spoken and written; so that you are able to communicate almost everywhere in order to discuss technical subjects with clients. Of course, further languages are welcome, particularly French and Spanish. 

I am not living in Germany – and do not have a German citizenship – can I nevertheless apply?

People from more than 40 nations are working with Lahmeyer; foreigners are most welcome. Apart from a few exceptions, the office location is Bad Vilbel. (Valid residence and work permit is required.) If this is out of question for you, it is also possible to apply as freelancer. 

How should I apply?

Please apply exclusively via our Job Market

Are the online vacancies still available?

All vacancies on our homepage are up-to-date. As soon as a position is successfully filled, it is deleted from our job market. 

Can I also send an unsolicited application?

Yes! Please select the job advertisement with the identification number 5000 (unsolicited application) under job market, and send us your online application. 

I would like to make my internship (my thesis) with you. What are my prospects?

Principally the chances are good. However, our offers for students strongly depend on the capacities within the individual departments. Whether internship or thesis: Usually, you will work together with us for a period of 3 months. After all, we want you to gain a thorough insight into our work and of course we also want you to submit an excellent thesis. 

When should I apply for an internship? Which documents and information should I include in my application?

When you select Lahmeyer International as partner, you should apply 3 to 4 months in advance of the proposed starting time: with tabular curriculum vitae, current transcript, diplomas, certificates of completed internships or other professional experiences. Please let us also know how long you will stay with us. In addition, don’t forget information on the nature of internship, your specialist field, and a rough idea of your thesis subject. 

Can I apply for an Apprenticeship with you?

Yes, you can. At our Bad Vilbel headquarters, we provide vocational training for commercial professions with IHK degree. We also offer the possibility of studying in the “Duales Studium” system (“theoretical study and practical experience”) for Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration). Take a look at our current job vacancies under Job Market.

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