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Upper Yeywa HPP, Myanmar

For many decades the Republic of Myanmar has not made great use of its abundant natural resources, among others 46.000 MW of feasible hydropower potential. Lahmeyer International left the country in 1986 with the successful implementation of the Kinda Multipurpose Dam Project. After more than 27 years of operation the Kinda Dam is still fulfilling all its goals perfectly such as irrigation, flood protection and electricity generation.mehr

Rehabilitierung des Oberbeckens BS1 des Pumpspeicherkraftwerks in Coo – Trois-Ponts, Belgien

Die bestehende Pumpspeicheranlage Coo in Trois-Ponts hat zwei Oberbecken (Coo 1 & Coo 2), beide auf dem Mont de Brume gelegen, und ein Unterbecken an einer alten Krümmung des Flusses Amblève. Die Anlage wurde in zwei Phasen in Betrieb genommen: Coo 1 im Jahr 1969 und Coo 2 im Jahr 1978. mehr

Assiut, Egypt

Since its commissioning in 1902, the Assiut Barrage has played a key role in Egypt’s food self sufficiency. Today the barrage supplies up to 440 m³/s of water through its head regulator to irrigate some 690,000 hectares of land along the left bank of the Nile stretching some 300km from Assiut to the outskirts of Cairo.mehr

Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Plant, Nepal

The project lies at the base of the Higher Himalayas, about 100 km north-east of Kathmandu and 8 km south of the Chinese Tibetan border.mehr

Dam Complex of Upper Atbara, Sudan

The Dam Complex of Upper Atbara Project (DCUAP) is situated on the Atbara River and the Setit River, approximately 20 km upstream of their confluence, 80 km south of Kashm el Girba, located in the Gedaref Governorate in East of Sudan.mehr

Tanahu Hydropower Project, Nepal

The hydrological and topographical conditions in Nepal mean that, through the development of hydropower, the country will play a crucial role in supplying the Indian sub-continent with electricity. The Tanahu Hydropower Plant on the Seti River – about 150 km from the capital Kathmandu – is the country’s first major storage-type hydropower project, and therefore fulfils a pioneering role for the future implementation of similar plants which will be developed to export electricity, especially to India.mehr

Tanahu Hydropower Project, Nepal

Located on the Seti River in the Middle of Nepal, in the Tanahu district near the town of Damaule, the Tanahu Hydropower Project represents the second and currently largest storage reservoir project in Nepal in comparison to the previous run-of-river hydropower projects. It is part of the ambitious ADB programme to mediate the energy shortage in Nepal, which was established in 1999. The feasibility and basic design was finished in 2014.mehr

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