Underground Structures

Laúca River Diversion, Angola

The construction of two diversion tunnels and the diversion of the River Kwanza has created conditions for the subsequent construction of the dam for the 2,067 MW Hydropower Plant Laúca. In total, 1,021 m of tunnels, with an internal diameter of 14 m, were excavated by drill-and-blast. Rock support was provided by steel-fibre reinforced shotcrete and rock bolts.more

Laúca Main Works, Angola

The underground powerhouse of the 2,067 MW Laúca Hydropower Project is located approx. 2.4 km downstream of the dam. Six shafts (90 m height and 8 m diameter) below the intake towers located at the axis of the dam have been executed by using the raise-boring method and were lined with reinforced concrete. Most parts of the headrace tunnels and also the powerhouse cavern were executed by using conventional drill-and-blast method. Rock support consisted of fibre reinforced shotcrete, rock bolts and anchors. more

Mohale Tunnel, Lesotho

The Mohale Tunnel is part of Phase 1B of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project and is designed to transfer water at an average discharge of 9.5 m³/s from the Mohale Reservoir to the Katse Reservoir.more

Pumped Storage Plant Goldisthal, Germany

The pumped storage plant Goldisthal, with an installed capacity of 1060 MW, is located in the Thuringian Forest. The upper reservoir is formed by a circular rockfill ring dam with asphaltic concrete surface sealing. The power cavern houses 4 sets of pump-turbines and generator motors. 2 units are of conventional fixed speed hydro units, and 2 units are double fed induction machines plus cycloconverters for adjustable speed control. The lower reservoir is formed by a 67 m high asphalt core rockfill dam. more

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