Hydrology and Reservoir Operation

Feasibility Study for the Thakot Hydropower Project, Pakistan

Thakot Hydropower Project will exploit the difference in head of circa 180 m between the planned Patan Hydropower Project and the existing Tarbela Project. Various options are being studied to exploit this head. The options include a single dam and hydropower scheme and a cascade of lower dams and hydropower schemes.more

Assiut, Egypt

Since its commissioning in 1902, the Assiut Barrage has played a key role in Egypt’s food self sufficiency. Today the barrage supplies up to 440 m³/s of water through its head regulator to irrigate some 690,000 hectares of land along the left bank of the Nile stretching some 300km from Assiut to the outskirts of Cairo.more

Revué River Basin – Tsate Hydropower Project, Mozambique

The Revué River has a hydropower potential of approximately 220 MW, of which 88 MW have already been installed between the large Chicamba Reservoir in the upper reaches of the river and the plains some 85 km downstream. more

Bumbuna HEP Phase II, Sierra Leone

The hydropower potential available at the existing Bumbuna Dam is to be utilized by the Bumbuna Extension, in which water is diverted water from the existing reservoir to a powerhouse located in the neighbouring valley, bypassing the Bumbuna Falls. Due to the limited storage capacity of the existing reservoir, a new RCC dam, 32 km further upstream at the Yiben site, is planned.more

Merowe Dam and Hydropower Plant, Sudan

The Merowe Dam Project, a multi-purpose infrastructure project located on the River Nile, provides energy generation, water for irrigation and flood protection. more

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