Hydraulic Structures

Irrigation Master Plan Preparation through Integrated River Basin Planning, Nepal

Asian Development Bank (ADB) is supporting a Water Resources Project Preparatory Facility (WRPPF) to assist the Government of Nepal to ensure that improvements to critically important irrigation, drainage and flood protection schemes as well as water-induced disaster prevention activities are implemented efficiently.more

Feasibility Study for the Thakot Hydropower Project, Pakistan

Thakot Hydropower Project will exploit the difference in head of circa 180 m between the planned Patan Hydropower Project and the existing Tarbela Project. Various options are being studied to exploit this head. The options include a single dam and hydropower scheme and a cascade of lower dams and hydropower schemes.more

Three Gorges Dam Ship Lift, People’s Republic of China

The Three Gorges Hydropower project in the People's Republic of China is the largest hydropower project in the world, featuring an installed capacity of 18,200 MW (26 No. 700 MW units).more

Mubarak Pumping Station, Egypt

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation established a large scale abstraction system to transfer water from Lake Nasser to supply the new South Valley Irrigation Scheme and urban development near the Toshka depression, North West of Abu Simbel.more

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