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Seasonal Water Resources Management – Regionalized Global Data and Transfer to Practise (SaWaM)

The estimation of future water availability is associated with particularly high uncertainties. The need for high-quality rainfall and water resources information contrasts the observed decline of in-situ measuring stations worldwide. As a result, globally available and regionalized remote sensing and model-based data will be used for improved water management.more

Mahaweli Water Security Investment Program, Sri Lanka

The island state of Sri Lanka aims to take better advantage of its water resources. Consequently, the Mahaweli Ministry for Development and Environment has launched a major investment programme for sustainable irrigation and drinking water supplies from the Mahaweli River Basin. The program is being financed by the Asian Development Bank.more

Upper Yeywa HPP, Myanmar

For many decades the Republic of Myanmar has not made great use of its abundant natural resources, among others 46.000 MW of feasible hydropower potential. Lahmeyer International left the country in 1986 with the successful implementation of the Kinda Multipurpose Dam Project. After more than 27 years of operation the Kinda Dam is still fulfilling all its goals perfectly such as irrigation, flood protection and electricity generation.more

Irrigation Master Plan Preparation through Integrated River Basin Planning, Nepal

Asian Development Bank (ADB) is supporting a Water Resources Project Preparatory Facility (WRPPF) to assist the Government of Nepal to ensure that improvements to critically important irrigation, drainage and flood protection schemes as well as water-induced disaster prevention activities are implemented efficiently.more

Overall Rehabilitation of KHR Hydropower Plants, Switzerland

The Kraftwerke HinterRhein AG (KHR) operates a group of three hydropower plants in the Swiss Alps ‒ Ferrera, Bärenburg and Sils ‒ with a total installed capacity of approximately 650 MW. KHR also operates the smaller Thusis hydropower plant (6 MW). Most of the KHR power plants have been in operation for more than 40 years, and it was decided that a complete rehabilitation of the plant equipment and structures was required.more

Rehabilitation of the Upper Reservoir BS1 of the Pumped Storage Plant in Coo – Trois-Ponts, Belgium

The existing pumped storage plant Coo in Trois-Ponts has two upper basins (Coo 1 & Coo 2), both being located on Mont de Brume, and a single lower reservoir located at an ancient river bend of the Amblève River. The plant was commissioned in two stages, Coo 1 (1969) and Coo 2 (1978).more

Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Efficiency Improvement Project, India

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is supporting the Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Efficiency Improvement Project (MPIEIP) that will achieve high irrigation efficiency and water productivity in two large irrigation schemes in Madhya Pradesh, India.more

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