Vianden Pumped Storage Plant - Unit 11

Vianden Pumped Storage Plant - Unit 11
The Vianden Pumped Storage Plant is situated on Luxembourg's eastern border with Germany, on the River Our, and was first commissioned in 1964. The plant was operated by the Société Electrique de l'Our (SEO). In order to meet the increasing demand for peak energy, SEO intends to extend the plant capacity by approx. 200 MW and increase the storage capacity of both reservoirs by 500,000 m³ each.
Société Electrique de l'Our SA (SEO), Luxembourg
2006 - 2009
  • Preliminary study to determine and investigate options for plant extension, development of an optimized project concept (2006)
  • Detailed design for Unit 11, preparation of tender documents, assistance during tendering period (2007-2009)
Technical data:
Existing Plant (Unit 1-10):
  • Maximum head: 291 m
  • Minimum head: 266 m
  • Water flow turbine operation: 432 m³/s
  • Water flow pump operation: 263 m³/s
  • Capacity at turbine operation: 1,100 MW
  • Capacity at pump operation: 836 MW
  • Annual energy production: 1,650 GWh/a
  • Overall efficiency: 74%

Planned Extension (Unit 11):
  • Power capacity: 200 MW
  • Reservoir capacity: 0.5 Mio m³
Hydropower Planning