Siah Bishe Pumped Storage Plant

Siah Bishe Pumped Storage Plant
The 1,000 MW pumped storage plant Siah Bishe is located some 125 km from  Tehran. The power plant was planned and built mainly for coverage of peak demands from the city of Tehran (population 12 mio.). Studies of reliability led to the decision to construct 2 independent hydraulic systems.
Phase I: Islamic Republic of Iran, Ministry of Energy, Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co.
Phase II: Farab - Tablieh JV, Iran, EPC Contractor
1983 - 2009
Phase I (1983-1992)
  • Preliminary design
  • Tender design and documents
  • Bid evaluation, final design
  • Site supervision of civil construction (river diversion tunnels and access tunnels)

Phase II (2003-2009)
  • Additional geotechnical investigations
  • Basic design (EPC)
  • Detailed design (EPC)
  • Construction expert advice
  • Quality assurance
Technical data:
Turbine operation
  • Rated capacity 4x250 MW
  • Rated discharge 4x 61.5 m³/s
  • Net head 470 m

Pump operation
  • Rated capacity 4x221.5 MW
  • Rated flow 4x42.5 m³/s
  • Rated head 487 m

Effective reservoir volume
  • Upper reservoir 3.5x106
  • Lower reservoir 7.65x106

Pressure tunnels, D/L 5.7 / 2x2,100 m
Pressure shaft, D/L 5.0 / 2x680 m
Tailrace tunnels, D/L 7.0 / 197; 159 m
Hydropower and Hydraulic Structure Design