July 22nd, 2014

Completion of Jorf Lasfar power plant extension Units 5 & 6 in Morocco

As part of its program for the building of electricity production facilities in Morocco, the National Office for Electricity and Potable Water ONEE, decided to extend the Jorf Lasfar Power Plant, in a concessional production regime, by building two new coal-fired units (Units 5 & 6), each delivering a gross power output of around 350 MW, along with all shared systems connected to the two new units.

Under the same contract, the coal unloading and transporting capabilities to the coal yard were to be extended, by installation of two conveyor belts of 2400 t/h each, a new stacker with capacity of 4800 t/h and annex systems and two mobile unloaders of 2400 t/h each, with necessary modifications for the two existing unloading frames.

For witnessing of commissioning milestones of the power plant project Unit 5 & 6 and for extension of the coal yard facilities, ONEE decided together with the investor JLEC 5&6 – a part of TAQA Energy Company Abu Dhabi, to appoint the German company Lahmeyer International as Independent Engineer.